Burnham Beeches Schottiche - Sheet music download.


Burnham Beeches Schottiche - Sheet music download.
by S. Dodwell
4 pages.

This is an extract from 'Old Favourite Dances, Album No.1'

From Wikipedia:-
The schottische is a partnered country dance, that apparently originated in Bohemia[citation needed]. It was popular in Victorian era ballrooms as a part of the Bohemian folk-dance craze and left its traces in folk music of countries such as Argentina ("chotis" and "chamamé"), Finland ("jenkka"), France, Italy, Norway ("Reinlender"), Portugal and Brazil (xote, Chotiça), Spain (chotis) and Sweden ("schottis") and the United States of America, among other nations. The schottische is considered by the Oxford Companion to Music to be a kind of slower polka, with continental (European) origin.

In general, the standard schottische is made up of two short runs and a hop followed by four turning hop steps: step step step hop, step step step hop, step hop step hop step hop step hop. Steps alternate one foot to the other, hops are only on one foot, so the leader's footwork would be: left right left hop on left, right left right hop on right, step on left hop on left, step on right hop on right, step on left hop on left, step on right hop on right. In a basic step, the running steps are done in open position (follower on the right side of the leader) and the turning steps are done in closed position; but many variations exists to play with those positions (including parting during the running steps to slip around a slower couple, or the leader genuflecting during the turning step and letting the follower circle around). The first part can be a simple progression with a hop/lift on the last beat of the four, or simply as steps (perhaps with turns); the second part can be turns, but could also be a straight progression, perhaps with variations (e.g., holds). The key to how it should be danced in each tradition is, of course, is the music.

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