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The Fats Waller Album of favourite songs and piano transcriptions.

To attempt to write a " cameo " on the immortal Fats Waller in such a short space is almost impossible, for nowhere in the history of Jazz has so much been crammed into the life of one person in such a short time. The fact that this great artist should die at the early age of 39 was one of the major tragedies of modern music.
Born in 1904 in Waverley, New York, it was at first intended that Fats should enter the church and was taught the harmonium and organ. In spite of strong family influence, however, his leaning towards Jazz was too strong, and at the early age of 16 he was writing and playing popular music.
From 1920 onwards it was a progression of bands and artists, and among his closest associates were Bessie Smith, Louis Armstrong and Fletcher Henderson, all of whom had a strong influence on his music.
The output from this great figure of Jazz was incredible, and in 1936 he made no less than fifty record titles in eleven months. It is impossible to conject just how far he would have gone in the world of music had it not been for his early death.
We hope this album containing several of his favourite songs and solos will give you some idea of the character of Fats Waller, the amazing personality who could " dream up " such lush titles as HONEYSUCKLE ROSE, etc.


MY VERY GOOD FRIEND THE MILKMAN (Song) &(Piano Transcription)
HONEYSUCKLE ROSE .. (Song) & (Piano Transcription)
THE SPIDER AND THE FLY .. (Song) & (Piano Transcription)
MY FATE IS IN YOUR HANDS (Song) & (Piano Transcription)
I'VE GOT A FEELING I'M FALLING .. (Song) & (Piano Transcription)
I AIN'T GOT NOBODY .. (Song) & (Piano Transcription)

The music has been scanned and digitised into PDF format which retains the original appearance The download can be easily read by Adobe Reader or other similar pdf reader.

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